Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Hi, this is Cash Cow and I’m hear to tell ya 5.99 will change your life!!!
My paydays used to be depressing because the money was already spent, on bills, family, groceries, etc... I barely made it to the next payday before I had zip in my bank account, and any kind of crisis that surfaced which in life is a virtual certainty I’d have to depend on others to dig me out of my financial hole. So I stared looking for a better way, and by George I found it. You see life has showed us that by nature both human and animal if put if a hostile situation will do one of two things die or reform to fit there lifestyle: i.e. dinosaurs-died; giraffes-reformed (for those of you who did not know they did not always have log necks). As it turns out I am a reformer I no longer worry about my financial burdens because I have none, and it is a lesson that I feel obliged to pass on to you. Step by step I will help people find the American Dream.

Now it’s true that the best things in life or free, but 2nd best cost money. So go to the link below and let’s get started, remember I am with you every step of the way.